An Overview of Neck Tension Headache

Neck tension headache is caused by the constant tightening of the muscles that are involved. Initially, pain may only be experienced locally; however, it could gradually spread. When the pain spreads, this is when the sufferer will further experience tension headaches, neck pain, and pain in the shoulder region.


When a patient suffers from neck tension headache, they will find that the affected muscles (say, the neck muscles) are sore when touched. These muscles feel tender, and in one particular exact point, the pain will be more distinct when pressure is applied here. This point is commonly referred to as the trigger point. The trigger point is said to be the spot that when "activated" will tend to set off the neck tension headache.


Those who suffer from neck tension headache are usually advised to use special pillows for sleeping to help alleviate the pain. If you suffer from it, you would be happy to know that you can find the best pillow for neck pain at so you had better check it out. Nevertheless, it's important that you understand the symptoms of neck tension headache first before you look into possible treatments.


What are the symptoms of neck tension headache? Symptoms that is typical to neck tension headaches are neck and shoulder pain with the presence of acute pain at the trigger point, a repetitive aching soreness at the region between the shoulder blades. When the pain become too severe, it may result to restricted neck movement.


What is the effective relief of neck tension headaches? There are many types of treatments for the relief of neck tension headaches. Medications like Myopax have been found to be particularly effective in the treatment of neck tension headaches.


This medication works by reducing tension in the neck and shoulder muscle. It has the ability to reduce the muscle contractions, and hence reducing pain. It is able to reduce stiffness in the neck caused by muscle tension.


One neck tension headache patient has claimed that taking Fiorinal is the best medication. The patient experiences neck tension headaches that extends up and goes around the left eye. However due to the potential risks of continual intake of this medication, doctors have taken the patient off Fiorinal. Apart from medications, neck tension headache sufferers can try other forms of tension headache relief. For example, learning to relax and trying to avoid stress-filled situations is another way to prevent tension headaches from developing.


Take regular breaks from work and do some stretching exercise to help loosen muscles in tension, or gently massage the tensed muscles. Another way to ease the pain caused by neck tension headache, as mentioned earlier in the article, is to buy a special pillow for neck pain. Not only will it help you sleep better but it will also correct whatever needs correcting and help you recover from the headache.


It is recommended that you talk to your doctor first before choosing a pillow so you'll know if you're making the right decision. Remember, you are trying to alleviate the discomfort caused by neck tension headache and not make it worse. Acupuncture is another option to consider for the treatment of neck tension headache. It can relieve tiredness and reduce emotional distress which is the causes of tension headache. Practice healthy lifestyle habits and keep eating regularly.